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According to Ayurveda all neuromuscular disorders come under a common heading called as Vata vyadhi. These neuromuscular disorders are various kinds of diseases that are caused due to aggravated Vata Dosha. Pakshaghata (paralysis), Avabahuka (frozen shoulder), Slipped disc, Grudhrasi (sciatica), Hyper or hypo movement of limbs, Muscular dystrophy etc all come under this head. There are many causative factors for these type of diseases and they include excessive exercises, carrying excessive loads, old age, accidents, sedentary habits, improper diet that is diet which will vitiate vata dosha.

People with neuromuscular diseases can apply Ayurvedic treatments for gaining relief. Generally, the traditional practice of Panchakarma is recommended for the patient. A Vamana or medicated vomiting is induced in the patient using MadanaPhala. Then Virechana Karma is done to internally cleanse the body from unwanted elements. Next, a Mamsa Rasa Basti or a YapanaBasti is carried out. This enema process further ensures that toxins from the body are completely removed. A Nasya treatment may also be conducted. Swedana or sweating treatment will also be done to relax the muscles and tone the body. The procedure is said to bring about indirect changes to the autonomic nervous system. At the end of the treatment, the person will experience a positive change in their condition.

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