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Cancer Treatments!

In Ayurveda, any imbalance in the body system is caused by the overexpression or under expression of one or more of the Doshas. Hence, all disease begins with them. One major indication of health and vitality, according to Ayurveda, is the ability of the body to adapt to changing environments and external stimuli. When the body is not able to adapt, this disrupts communication between body functions. The process of communication disruption can also be aggravated by Aama. Aama is the accumulation of toxins in the form of non-digested matter in the circulatory system which eventually becomes deposited in tissues and cells. “We all make cancer cells every day but our immune system is very sharp and not only recognizes the bad faulty cells but also sends its own army to destroy it. That is why the balance of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health is a very important part of healing.”


Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide and chemotherapy is the commonly used treatment method. The doselimiting toxicity and development of drug resistance hamper the treatment with chemotherapeutics in the clinic. Cancer patients, who are crippled with this disease and suffering from harmful side effects from chemotherapeutic drugs are turning back to natural remedies hoping for a better cure. Natural therapies such as Ayurveda, make use of plant-derived products in cancer treatment, which may reduce adverse side effects. This traditional Indian medicine of plant drugs has been successfully used in cancer treatment from ancient times. Cancer treatment with Ayurveda goes back to 7th century BC, where Atreya and Dhanwanthari used herbal medicines for treating early stages of cancer. Ayurveda describes cancer as inflammatory or noninflammatory swelling and mention them as either Granthi (minor neoplasm) or Arbuda (major neoplasm). Herbal decoctions consisting of various herbs with anticancer property are commonly used in Ayurveda. Many of the herbs used in Ayurveda have scientifically proven for their anticancer properties, e.g., Andrographis paniculata, Annona atemoya/muricata, Phyllanthus niruri/amarus, Piper longum, Podophyllum hexandrum linn., Tinospora cordifolia, Semecarpus anacardium etc.

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