De-Addiction Treatments

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Alcohol, nicotine, cigarettes, bidi, mava, gutkha, tobacco chewing, drugs, heroin, cocaine, charas, ganja, bhang, brown sugar, etc.
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De-Addiction Treatments

Our institute is developed an ayurvedic medicine which is given to the addicted person and without telling him it shall be mixed with any vegetable, curry, chapaties, and liquid like juice, butter milk etc. when this medicine is mixed up with homemade food it doesn’t change the colour, smell & taste of the food, so that addicted person never gets aware of such treatment. These medicines are useful for addictions like alcohol, nicotine, cigarettes, bidi, mava, gutkha, tobacco chewing, drugs, fortwin, proxyuon, diazepam, opium, heroin, cocaine, charas, ganja, bhang, brown sugar, etc.



This is also a habitual addiction. It includes all types of nicotine product like Cigarettes, Bidi, Mava, Gutka, Tobacco Chewing and other Nicotine Products.


This is also a habitual addiction which includes all types of Nicotine products like bidi, cigarettes, mava, gutka, tobacco chewing, snuff etc. Nicotine, is explicitly described in medical dictionaries as a powerful and active poison. Smoking introduces this poison, as well as the highly poisonous gas, carbon monoxide into the lungs. Nicotine causes increased secretion of adrenalin and noradrenalin into the blood stream, which results in a higher proportion of fats in the blood. It is for this reason that smocking accelerates the process of the hardening of the blood vessels. The arteries providing nutrients to the heart muscles also become congested, hardened and brittle with consequences ranging from palpitation and hypertension to angina pectoris and heart attacks.


It works in the part of brain, that’s addicted to nicotine. It makes smoking feel less enjoyable which in turn makes easier to quit nicotine. The nicotine present in cigarettes tobacco is delivered directly through the skin & into the blood stream. Dhumari acts as a non permeable adhesive layer which stops the nicotine to pass into the blood, hence the medicine leeches slowly the nicotine from the body.


These medicines are free from all types of heavy metals, lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other modern medicines.

Survey Report:

> More than 300 million people in India use tobacco.
> India is expected to lose 2.5 million people a year by 2025 due to growing tobacco consumption.
> In tobacco smoke, there are 3,600 known chemicals, of which 20 can cause cancer.
> India reports more than one million fresh cancer cases every year due to tobacco.
> Smoking causes knee pain, loss of cartilage.
> Tobacco kills more than half its users.
> Smokers are likely to be less happy; the pleasure they feel from having smoke comes only because they’re addicted.
> Smoking affects DNA sequence in sperm and can lead to a child inheriting permanent genetic damage from father.
> Tobacco consumption is linked to 25 diseases.
> More than one million tobacco users die every year in India.
(Survey Report From Department of Drugs in India Sept. 2009)



This is habitual addiction. It includes all types of alcohol products like Country liquor, Beer, Wine, Rum etc.

detox :

Our institute has developed an ayurvedic medicine which is to be given to the addicted person without bringing & telling him and after mixing it up with any vegetable curry, chapaties & liquid like juice, butter milk etc. When this medicine is mixed up with particular food doesn’t change the colour, smell and taste of the food, so that addicted person will never be aware of such treatment. It is a herbal mixture of rare herbs to detoxify the blood and remove toxins from within the body. It is one of the best detox remedies & can be given in many complicated diseases also. It includes 30 herbs all designed to work together synergistically to achieve desired result.

No Side Effects:

These preparations are purely ayurvedic (herbal) that’s why these medicines does not have any side effect, adverse events or contradiction. After swallowing this medicine whenever an addicted person consumes drug/alcohol/nicotine he dislikes it and would not have”NASHA” from it. He may even sometime vomit after having alcohol. But the main point is that this medicine doesn’t have negative side effects. The body of addicted person will become anti alcoholic after having this medicine and because of it he will not be able to consume alcohol, and if he tries to consume alcohol he will not feel good and he will have headache. He starts disliking the alcohol.


It is safe to swallow this medicine even in a situation where patient is suffering from any other disease. After curing more that thousand addicts we have experienced that a long time addicted person also suffers from other serious disease, In this situation our medicine can also be given with other medicines related to that other diseases and there is no avoidance any other daily routine.


Person starts getting good results within a week but to get rid of this addiction 3 to 4 months time will be needed.


Our biggest achievements is smile, happiness and prosperity of more than thousand completely addiction free families.

Survey Report:

> Chronic alcohol abuse reduces life expectancy by 15-20 years.
> Alcohol raises the risk of 60 different diseases.
> Indians take their first sip of alcohol at the age of 19 compared to 28 in the 1990’s.
> A person who drinks to the point of passing out can die if the concentration of alcohol in his or her bloodstream reaches a toxic level.
> About 17% of adult men are addicted to alcohol.
> Alcohol plays a role in nearly 30% of cases of cancer, liver, chest & throat diseases and is blamed for up to a third of all traffic accidents.
> Too much beer nay prompts pancreatic cancer onset.
> In another couple of years, majority of Indians will start consuming alcohol at the age of 15.
> Alcohol is a both stimulant and a depressant. It increases serotonin levels for a short while and then case depression.
> 47-50% of those who begin drinking alcohol before the age of 15 become alcohol dependant at some time in their lives, compared with 9-10% of those who wait at least until age 21.
> Alcohol deadlier for teenage brains.
(Survey Report From Alcohol Rehabilitation Department Govt. Of India)



In this category all drugs like Fortwin, Proxyuon, Diazepam, L.S.D. etc. as well as plant products like opium, smack marijuana, heroin, cocaine, charas, ganja, bhang, brownsugar etc. are included. Drug addicts continue to indulge in their drug of choice of the detriment of their health, emotional well being and relationships. Drug addiction or substance abuse, can be described as the physical need or compulsion to repeatedly use a substance that alerts consciousness both physically & mentally.

Effects :

Drug addiction consists of Fortwin, Proxyuon, Diazepam, L.S.D, Opium, Smack, Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Charas, Ganja, Bhang, Brown Sugar etc. it is estimated that almost fove percent of the population is addicted to one drug or the other. A craving to obtain peace, to get rid of depression to escape worldly sorrows & failures. To get an euphoric feeling or to get rid of social inhibitions leads people to the use of drugs. Chronic use of these drugs leads to severe damage to the liver, the heart, the kidneys, the brain and the nerves. The major active chemical in marijuana is delta 9 tetra hydrocannabinol (THC) which cause the mind altering effects of marijuana intoxication. The drug used in these medicines has an ability to block THC’s intoxicating effects, which can further prevent relapse to marijuana abuse by reducing or eliminating its appeal.


Withdrawal symptoms are visible in patient when then try to quite their habits which are called withdrawal symptoms; some part of brain stem is involved in that hyperactivity which causes anxiety and aghation while withdrawing long term habit. A main symptom which occurs are irritability anxiety, restlessness, depression, difficulty in concentration, poor sleep. Hunger & craving for their habitual product. If patient feels any such health problem, he can consult his doctor if he wants and take temporary medicine for that even if he takes any other medication which this medicine there is no contra indication for any other medicine, so he can continue his previous medication.

Survey Report:

> Cannabis (Ganja, Bhang) has seven times more tar and carbon monoxide than cigarettes.
> Even one time use of cannabis can increase the risk of schizophrenia by 40%.
> Drug addiction is a disease, not just a problem.
> Drugs provide a false sense of being in control and a temporary state of euphoria.
> The initial kick that drugs give covers the pain/depression of the abuser.
> Drug addiction is very much progressive in nature and fatal.
> Survey says: up to 40% school students take gateway drugs.
> The average age of addiction which was earlier in the 20-21 range is now down to 14-15.
(Survey Report Conducted Drugs Control Department Govt. Of India)

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