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Liver Treatments!

If you have encountered with any severe problems to your liver, you are at the right place. At Ayurved Upchar Kendra we have dealt with a number of cases where people are suffering from severe liver diseases like Hepatitis A , Hepatitis B , Hepatitis C , Auto immune hepatitis, Cirrhosis of liver, Fatty Liver, Liver Cancer etc. Liver Cirrhosis is getting quiet common now a days and there is a good news that Ayurveda works in liver cirrhosis. Liver is like an immigration officer which checks entry of toxins into the blood. In Ayurveda, Cirrhosis of the Liver is known as Yakrit Vriddhi. Liver is the largest and one of the most important organs in the human body and any disease of the liver may lead to serious problems. Cirrhosis of the liver is a chronic, degenerative disease of the liver in which there is continuous destruction and scarring of the liver cells. As the cells of the liver get destroyed they are replaced by scar tissues.

The liver cells called hepatocytes kill themselves during neutralizing the toxins like Alcohol, drugs, artificial food preservatives, Soft drinks, packaged food like Chips and other snacks. Any food prepared more than 1 day ago is an enemy to the liver. I am mainly talking about packaged food. All food which you find in supermarkets is packaged food. Excess food is also bad for the liver. Liver has to work hard to neutralize the toxin. Too much bread, beer, biscuits are not good as they accumulate as fats in the liver.
Fatty Liver is a form of disorder that can be classified into the categories of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic liver disease. It is a fact that some amount of fat is quite genuine inside the liver. But if this fat continuously accumulates and forms nearly 5% to 10% of the liver weight then it can generate severe complications within the body. The problem can be diagnosed and classified in two categories. It is quite obvious that as the characteristics and symptoms of the categories are distinct so is the Fatty liver treatment through Ayurveda.
Although cirrhosis implies irreversible damage to the liver, a person with early cirrhosis (stage Child's A or early Child's B) can have several years of fairly active life provided appropriate treatment is given by liver specialists. Advanced or Child's C Cirrhosis on the other hand, clearly dictates the need for a liver transplant for which expert opinion should be sought. Initially, there may general symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, yellowness of eyes and urine (mild jaundice), swollen feet, excessive itching and anemia (low hemoglobin). In more advanced stages, the patient may have several life threatening complications such as blood vomiting, bloated stomach due to water (ascites) in the abdomen which may develop serious infection, mental deterioration and coma, deep jaundice and kidney impairment. We are having proven Liver Cirrhosis treatment from Ayurveda.
Ayurved Upchar Kendra offers gentle and effective ayurvedic treatment for chronic liver disease in Pune. We have special ayurvedic medicines and treatments for liver treatment which will give you the best results in a very short time. You can feel the difference in your health condition by the ayurvedic treatments and medicines.You can improve your health gradually within 1 to 3 months. But with Hepatitis B virus and Hepatitis C virus, many people will go into a chronic phase that leads to chronic phase. With chronic HBV and HCV, 30% of patients develop cirrhosis of the liver or hepatocellular carcinoma. So, Contact us as early as possible to cure your diseases.
Cancer is a disease which requires close observation and monitoring. It cannot be treated like any other ailment in the body. In modern science diagnosis lengthy and costly Some times treatment is more painful than the disease, in modern science. Side effects of treatment are one more constraints, in modern science. Lack of tuning between modern and alternative therapies. A comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach is the need of the hour. All therapies should be applied at a time on the patient to combat cancer. In ancient times the rishis of vedic discipline have given many methods of treatment which are very similar to modern cancer treatment methods, and also Ayurvedic treatments are without side effects that are widely experienced and feared in allopathic science.

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