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Training or competition generally increase daily energy requirements depending on duration, type and intensity of the activity. The three main nutrients from food that supply the body with energy are carbohydrate, fat and protein. These can be obtained by eating foods from the five food groups. We should all aim to eat a healthy, varied diet based on the principles of the Guide, which matches our energy needs. This advice still applies when taking part in regular physical activity, such as going to the gym, swimming, running, cycling, football, basketball, tayuando, Karate, Marathon, Triathlone, Trecking, Hiking, Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Athletes, Badminton, Gymnestics, Sketting, or team sports. Following healthy eating guidelines alone can support an active lifestyle. However when exercising, your body will use up more energy. Unless you are trying to lose weight you may find that you need to eat more food to give your body the extra energy it needs.

Dr.Sharvari Inamdar is also working for SPORTS MEDICINE CENTRE & developed her own style of treatment through educating the patients so that they can heal themselves. Being empathetic to the patients' pain, understanding the structural, mechanical and chemical workings of the body and wanting do find a lasting solution to patients' problems are the tenets Doctor has built her professional practice on. 

One needs to be very cautious of what goes inside the stomach while working towards fitness and sports. Fitness is a journey and it has to be started as soon as possible in your life. We takes pride in being the best dietician in Pune. With our diet and nutrition plan make sure that you receive optimum number of micronutrients for overall wellbeing. We assess the fitness levels of each of our clients and also their fitness routine. We understand the amount of energy expended in a day and then form our nutrition plan accordingly. 

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> Nutrition and hydration
> Supplementation
> Diet planning
> Behavior modification
> Water
> Vitamins & Minerals
> Pre/post workout nutrition

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