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Our institute is developed an ayurvedic medicine which is given to the addicted person and without telling him it shall be mixed with any vegetable and liquid. When this medicine is mixed up with homemade food it doesn’t change the colour, smell & taste of the food, so that addicted person never gets aware of such treatment.

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There are numerous skin diseases, complaints and general ailments that can be contacted, with conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema and Utrauna Psoriasis Vitiligo, Eczema, Urticaria, Lichen Planus, Dandruff, Acne Vulgaris, Allergy probably the most common. Ayurveda has been specifically appreciated for its holistic approach.

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Customer Testimonails

I was suffering from psoriasis from last 7 years, totaly frustrated. Constant eatching & skin discularation used to lower my confidence level at work & at home. I got reference of Dr.Vaibhav Inamdar from friend of mine, & Dr. treated me so well. Now I am almost free from the diseases & feeling free to wear half sleeves shirts & shaking hands with clients, co-workers & friends. Thank you Doctor for your kind Support!

Mr.Dhananjay Kokane
Customer Testimonails

Ayurvediv Treatment & therapies for three monts releived my problem of irregular menses & P.C.O.S. After taking treatment in Ayurved Upchar Kendra my problem of painful acne & unwanted hair on chin was also solved simultaniously. I am very thankful for the same to Mr. & Mrs. Inamdar & Staff of the clinic.

Ms. Rachana
Customer Testimonails

Since seven yeras I was having psoriasis throughtout the body and due to severe itching pus was oozing from the skin for which I am taking homeopathic treatment without benefit but Dr. Inamdar cured me within 3 months completely and permanantly. Billion thanks to Doctor.

Mr. Dhaval Shah

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