Management of Hepatitis B virus induced jaundice

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Management of Hepatitis B virus induced jaundice

It is an endemic in China. The virus may be present in oropharyngeal secretions seminal fluid, menstrual blood, stool, urine and in the remaining physiological and pathological secretions. Like HIV it is mainly transmitted by means of sexual contacts, infected needles, blood transfusions etc.
In Ayurveda, Jaundice is broadly discussed under Kamala roga. In classics the term Kamala has been explained by different names. In Atharva veda, Kamala was known as Haridraka, Harima, Harit Vilohitatwa. Dalhana, while commenting Sushrutacharya's view, opined that Panaki, Kumbha kamala, Lagharaka, Alasa, Alasakhya etc., are different stages of panduroga and all these terms are considered as the synonyms of Kamala. In Ashtanga Hridaya, Vagbhata has used the term Lodara as a synonym of Kamala.
In the present study, subjects sufferin from HBV induced Jaundice were treated with nasya and virechana. Nasya was carried out with Jeemuthaka phala svarasa. Virechiana was induced by using Patolamooladi Kashaya Patients were also given Nimbatwakadi Kashaya a shamanoushadhi.

Materials and Methods
A total of 12 patients of HBV induced jaundice were enrolled from the OPD of Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Hubli.
Inclusion Criteria
I. Patients of either sex with a serologically positive HBsAg
2. Patients who have developed jaundice. Exclusion Criteria 1. Patients with Obstructive Jaundice
2. Patients with hepatic or Gall bladder malignancy.
3. Patients with Jaundice induced by Hepatitis A. C or E virus.
The patients were randomly divided into two groups namely Group A and Group B.
Treatment Protocol
Group A:
Amapachana was first carried out with Gandharva hasthadi Kashaya for 3-5 days. Nasya was administered after ama pachana.
Group B:
Amapachana was first carried out with Gandharva hasthadi Kashaya for 3-5 days. Snigdha bhojana(Eshad pramana of Go ghritha along with Ahara) was advised for 3 days as a part of Poorva Karma.

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