Panchakarma and therapeutic oils

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Panchakarma and therapeutic oils

Panchakarma includes Vamana (therapeutic emesis), Virechana (therapeutic purgation), Basti (therapeutic enema), Nasya (therapeutic nasal administration), Raktamokshana (therapeutic blood letting) and many other allied treatments required as pre-procedures and post procedures to the Panchakarma treatments. There are some therapeutic procedures which are used in specific diseases viz. Pizhichil in paralysis, Talapodichill in Neurological diseases, Shirodhara in insomnia etc.
So, the scope of Panchakarma procedures is vast. Snehan is a very important aspect of Panchakarma.Taila, ghritha, vasa and maija are the four sources which help for snehana. They are much necessary to achieve abhyan and bahyasnehana. Among these four, taila or oil is used more extensively more so for external usage. There are many oils which have the same phalashruthi or indications. Hence the selection criteria should be decided by Panchakarma physician considering the disease and the diseased.

Varieties of preparations in oil
Kuzhampu - It is the mixture of three unctuous medicines. It is used only for external use.
Kera taila - Coconut oil is used as base. So this can be used in Pitta predominance conditions or in summer season.
Taila -It is a Tila taila preparation. According to the condition it can be used internally or externally.
1. Abhyanga: Abhyanga is defined as an Ayurvedic procedure of application of oil over the body with certain amount (very mild) of pressure in specific directions. It can be applied to the whole body or locally. Many of the prevalent modern massage techniques are modified forms of Abhyanga. Some examples of Abhyanga oils have been listed here.
Vatha constitution or Vata diseases: Kshirabala taila, Bala taila, Sahachara taila, Vatashani taila,4 Mahanarayana taila.
Pitta dominancy: Nalpamaradi taila, Kshirabala taila
Kapha dominancy: Marichyadi taila, Karanjadi taila, Sarshapa taila,Triphala taila
Diseases and Specific tailas
1.     Osteoporosis : Lakshadi tailam, Ashvagandha balalakshadi tailam
2.     Cervical Spondylosis: Prasaranyadi taila, Prabhanjana taila, Kottamchukkadi taila for abhyanga and greevabasti. If there is pitta involvement (sensory neuropathy) then Parinita kera kshiradi taila should be used. If numbness is a dominant feature, Prabhanjana kuzhambu is the preferred oil for abhyanga.
3. Sjogren Syndrome :Abhyanga and pizhichil with Karpasasthyadi tailam.
4. Gout: Pinda taila, Madhuyashtyadi taila.
5. Osteo Arthritis:Oils should be avoided in the initial phase. After rooksha upanaha or dry fomentation oils like Maha Narayana taila should be used.
6. Meniscus tears, Ligament tears :Taila abhyanga and dhara with Kayatirumeni taila or Murivenna taila
7. Shoulder Hand Syndrome :Kethakimuladi kuzhambu

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