Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is the commonest among chronic inflammatory joint diseases in which the joints become swollen, painful, and stiff.
The modern system of management of Rheumatoid arthritis is not satisfactory and is also beset with a lot of untoward side effects of the drugs. The long term suppression of the articular disease is achieved by the DMARD's whereas SAIDs play an important role in pain agement. But most of the NASID's Have gastrointestinal side effects whereas DMARD's cause bone marrow renal and hepatic suppression. The turnout rate of RA patients are steadily increasing for Ayurvedic practitioners.
Till now more than 214 works have been carried out on Amavata at various Ayurvedic institutions out of which 5 research works have been carried out at GAMC Mysore. All the above researchers tried with single, compound herbal and herbomineral medicine to evaluate their efficacy. But the studies were mainly based on classical signs and symptoms of the disease.
The present study was undertaken with special reference to patients having positive Rheumatoid Factor and the changes in the titer value. The presence of Rheumatoid Factor is of prognostic significance because patients with high titer are found to have a more severe and progressive disease with extra articular manifestations. A test for the presence of Rheumatoid Factor is employed to confirm a diagnosis in individuals with a suggestive clinical presentation. If present in high titers it designates patients at risk for a severe systemic disease.
Objectives of the study:
To evaluate the combined effect of Amavata chikitsa on positive Rheumatoid Factor cases
Materials & Methods

The medicines used in the study were
1. Shuntyadi kwatha
2. Sapthamushti yusha
3. Maharasnadi kwatha
4. Simhanada guggulu
5. Nimbamrutha erand taila for virechana

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