Sex Problems and Remedies

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Sex Problems and Remedies

Sexual disfunction can be devided into two groups, as

  1. Primary disfunction and
  2. Secondary disfunction
Primary problems includes those cases in which the individual has never normal function and secondary includes the problem that began after a period of normal function ing, the common male and female disfunctions are as follows :
The Mala Disfunction :The problems of sex in male are

1. Problem of Erection : The problems of proper erection is commonly known as impotence, it is very commotn in middle age group, it can be classified in two groups number one refers those cases in which an erection and sexual inter course have never taken place and number two those cases in which there is failure to obtain erection in at least 25% of the attempts. These are generally due to hyper excitment shamefull atmosphere, anger, disgust, diseased. fatigue and by hormonal disbalence, these cases are gener ally improved by proper medication.
2. Premature Ejaculation : The tendency to ejaculate too soon or sometime before the vaginal penetration is the second most commop in middle and young age group
3. Retarded Ejaculation : It is just opposite to the preculation where the man finds it difficult or impossible to ejaculate during coitus.
4. Absence or Inhibited Sexual Desire : Inhibited sexual feelings or failure to enjoy sexual activities are these days very common problem due to stress and tension.
5. Night Pollution : Commonest problems in young age groups due to multi dimensional factors including hyper excitment sex-urge, through Blue films, vedeo, pnoobooks and constipation.

The Female Disfunctions : The sex problems in female are as following :
1. Inhibited sexual urge : This problem is very common these days due to fear of conception, due to lack of veginal discharge, or due to lack of expension etc. also known as frigidity or coldness.
2. Vaginismus : It is a relatively rare disorder in which there is an involuntary contraction of the muscle result very painful inter course.
3. Dyspareunia : Painfull inter course is called dyspareunia.
4. Poor Development of Breast : This is commonest problem in young and middle age groups.


Erection of the male sex organ is induced both cen-trally from the brain, spinal-cord and peripherally from the genital organs by stimulation through touch, it s also no-ticed due to inflammation and irritation and even from ful bladder, generally in morning time. The errection is related with profuse supply of blood into the reticular spaces of the corpora cavernosa, results stiffness. The failure of errection is called impotence, it may be devided in four category as:

  1. Psychic
  2. Sympathetic
  3. Organic
  4. Atonic
  1. A total lack of sexual desire
  2. An inability to maintain an errection
  3. Premature ejaculation
  4. An inability to ejaculate
  5. Ejaculation without satisfaction
1. Psychic Impotence : It is often temporary ative, when the psychic inhibitory cause is removed becomes normal, these day the psychic impo been increased due to the stress dominent life stress tension, fear, agitation depression anxiety or grief causes temporary impotence. Cold and frigid wife,obese wife,menopause, diseased or phobias may cause psychic impotence
2. Symptomatic Impotence : Exessive weakness, ofobesity, diabetes mellites, cardiac pathology, renalpatholo certain drugs like betablockers and diuretics, anaemia, proteinemia, Rhumatism, liver disorder and alcoholis cause symptomatic impotence, charecterized by more or less of flaccid type libido more or less absent and if emission ever occurs it takes place without errection or pleasure. The skin of penis and scrotum is almost insensible, as seen in old age.
3. Organic Impotence : Hormonal disbalence, tuber culosis of testis phimosis, excessive master bation, new growth, or removal of testis cause organic impotence.
4. Atonic Impotence : It is generally caused by sexual excesses in coitus, or masterbation, sex excesses devitalize the genital organs and the nervous system, which represent with flaccidity, shrinkage, paleness and insensibility, per-son becomes erriteted, with lack of confidence, associated with depression, should be treated well with psycho somatic procedures and medication
This disease has been described in detail in Ayurveda,as Kleeva-roga
According to Ayurveda, starvation, excessive intakeunliked mate, congenital anamolies, lack of salt pungent, acidic, sour, hot food, dry food diuretic nutrition,physical and mental trauma and chronic diseases may cause Claibya (impotence). Charak has classified it in four groups, as :
  1. Beejopaghat (Defective semen)
  2. Dhajopaghat (Injured organ)
  3. Jarajanya(Senile type) and
  4. Sukrachhaya(Excessive loss of semen)


Sexual hyperesthesis is the abnormal sexual impulse of men and women. The intensity of impulse varies among different persons according to age, race, diet, habits and glandular functioning. The normal sexual impulse may be temporally increased by prolonged sexual abstinance or by various kinds of erotic stimulations without exceeding physiological bounds, as long as the sexual impulse remains related with the corresponding libido. It is clear that the influence of some nervous disorder may increase sexual desire. There may be mental obsession of erotic thoughts, ideas and images without any disease, as the nervous system is capable of altering the activities of muscle, glands of reproductive organs.
Nymphomania is the female disease with excessive sexual desire. It is hardly the resultant of continence but exceeding often that of sexual intemperance or unrestrained masterbation in neuropathic subjects, nymphomanis always developes upon the foundation of severe neurasthenia and bysteria or due to cerebral disorder. All sensations and activities in such subjects provoke sensual excitement and copulatory impulses, as masterbation. It may be due to Vegpiaitis, psychic and hormonal stimulation.
Satyriasis or hyper excitment of sexual impulses in male may be periodic or permanent, even by the sight of any omen, due to excessive hormonal flow or irritation Penis or due to psychological abnormality.


Absence or diminished sexual sensation, for libiododuring lubido, is generally known as frigidity.

  1. Fear psycoses or fear of conception
  2. Diminished reflex action in the lumber region spinal-cord.
  3. Pre-mature ejaculation of male met, disliking,disgust anxiety, mental worries and intellectual preoccupations.
  4. Inflammation in vegina
  5. Endocrinal diseases and guilt about sexuality.
  1. Total lack of sexual desire.
  2. Sexual excitement may be felt during external genital stimulation but orgasm is not achieved.
  3. Penetration does not lead to sexual excitement but painful.
  4. Orgasm is not achieved.


Physiologically all healthy men between the age of fourteen to fifty have nocturnal emission at the interval of seven to thirty days, the friquency of emission depends on age, mode of life, diet, mental ocupation and sexual affairs There is hardly any doubt that the ejacuation is influanced to a considerable extent by the state of plentitude of the vesicula seminales, the expansion of seminales acts in the absence of an inhibitory voluntary influence reflexly on the central nervous system, the latter respond to the excitation on the one hand by giving rise in the region of sensorium to dream of an erotic charecter derived from imagination or store of memory and on the other by producing vaso-motor impulse which lead to errection and ejaculation. The friquency is increased during gascous accumulation in abdomen, veneral inflammation and by long trips.
Female pollutions are also common these days fue to excitement sinario, sexual mental occupation and by veginal infections. A mucous like srcretion from Bertholin is noticed from stimulation or due to pressure on clitoris, in healthy young women.
The excessive emissions are common problem of youth these days and they always visited to poster doctores, quacks, sexologist and general practiceners with the compaint of loss of memory, giddiness excessive weakness, impotency and with negative future perceptions of marriage with fear.

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